We will size your cane, upon request, to the proper length, free of charge. However, once a cane has been cut, the purchase becomes personalized and, therefore, non-refundable. “UNSIZED” is an option.

  • Walking canes are generally sold at a standard length of 36″. Unless you have height of about six feet or taller, you will need to have your cane cut to the proper length.
  • The cane length necessary for each individual is not an objective preference but a requirement for optimal support and comfort.
  • The walking cane should generally be held on the side opposite to the leg, foot or hip that has reduced function.

Ideally, if requiring a walking cane as a mobility aid, consult a Physical Therapist to determine the proper length. Otherwise, please carefully follow the proceeding guidelines to determine the proper cane length:

  • It is strongly recommended that you have someone assist you when measuring for the proper cane length for the first time.


  • Standing erect with both arms relaxed at your sides and wearing the shoes that you normally wear, measure from the floor, at the outer side of the heel to your mid-wrist (second skin crease of inner wrist).


  • Shoulders should be even with each other. If you have an existing cane, look in the mirror with cane in place. If the shoulder of arm holding cane is higher than the other shoulder, your existing cane is too long. If this shoulder falls lower than the other, your existing cane is too short.
  • Elbow flexion of about 15 degree angle, when in use.

RELATIVE PERSPECTIVE – The following “relative perspective” calculation is not the ideal means of determining proper cane length, but serves to provide a general perspective. The ideal and accurate method is the “heel-to-wrist” method described above.

  • Cane length is usually about one half of the cane user’s height, in shoes, in inches. Example: Height (with shoes) = 6 feet = 72 inches. Half of 72 inches = 36″ cane length


To measure the length of an existing cane, measure from highest point of cane handle, down the entire length of the cane, including the rubber tip. However, this is not recommended unless the “heel-to-wrist” method, described above, was used to determine the proper length of the existing cane.

Measuring an existing ADJUSTABLE CANE is NOT RECOMMENDED to determine the correct cane length. Follow the “heel-to-wrist” method, previously described.


If you prefer to order your designer walking cane “UNSIZED”, and size it yourself, please follow these simple instructions:

  1. Measure from highest point of cane handle to end of rubber tip.
  2. Subtract desired length from existing cane length to determine the length difference to be cut off.
  3. Remove rubber cane tip.
  4. Measure from end of cane, the difference in length you’ve determined in step 2.
  5. Mark off with masking tape around circumference of cane.
  6. Using edge of masking tape as your guide, cut straight across using a household saw.*
  7. Replace rubber tip securely.

*If it is not feasible to cut the cane yourself, the large home improvement stores in your area will cut your cane to your specified length, free of charge, or for a nominal fee.

For helpful information on “How to Determine the Correct Height of Walking Cane”, visit wikiHow.