Peacocks Designer Cane


Two proud, vividly colored peacocks, each approximately 4" long, facing each other and surrounding the circumference, nesting near the top of cane shaft. Each peacock is finely outlined in metallic gold. "Eyes' of feathers are embellished with capri blue Swarovski rhinestones and very tiny iridescent Vitrail Medium rhinestones for each peacock eye. Choice of DERBY or FRITZ wooden canes style with high-gloss BLACK FINISH. Rubber tip included. PEACOCKS is shown here on FRITZ cane style. - Cost: $185.00

  • (Suitable as gentleman's walking cane) PEACOCKS is also available WITHOUT CAPRI BLUE RHINESTONES but minimally embellished with the two very tiny Vitrail Medium crystals tastefully representing peacock eyes)  - Cost: $155.00  To purchase, this version, please use go to "PEACOCKS - Minimal Embellishment".
  • Please see DESIGN OPTIONS on the many ways in which you can further embellish and personalize this cane design.
  • PEACOCKS is available in your choice of DERBY or FRITZ cane style, shown below Please use drop-down menu to make your selection.
  • Walking cane is made of hard wood,  with tapering shaft,  greatest diameter at top of shaft, approximately 7/8" diameter.
  • We will size your walking cane, free of charge. However, please be aware that once your designer cane has been sized, it becomes personalized and, therefore, is no longer returnable. You may also opt for NO SIZING. Please see our MEASURING CANE LENGTH GUIDELINES.


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